The New Kraken Pro Platform: A Game-Changing Exchange Experience

Now, you might be thinking, “Why the heck would I need a new exchange? I already have one that I’m comfortable with.” Well, that’s the thing. You may be comfortable with it, but I’d be willing to bet that you’re putting up with a subpar experience without even realizing it. But today, that could change because I’m going to introduce you to a new exchange experience that recently launched. Full disclosure, this is a sponsored video, but I’ve been personally using this exchange for four years now, and their new trading platform looks sick. So, this is something I’m actually excited about. Anyways, what I’m referring to is the new Kraken Pro platform made by Kraken. I think the best way to understand why it’s such a game-changer is to list out the top 10 problems that you face on other exchanges and explain how Kraken Pro solves them. So, let’s dive in.

Karaken Pro
  1. Consolidated Platform for All Crypto Activities: The first problem is that you have to use a bunch of different platforms for all your crypto activities. Kraken Pro offers spot trading, futures, perpetual futures, and staking all in one place. It saves you time, headaches, and hassle.
  2. Customizable Trading Interface: Most exchanges don’t have a great trading interface, but Kraken Pro’s interface is highly customizable. You can tailor it to your preferences, saving you time and effort in executing trades.
  3. Lag-Free Trading Experience: Lag during times of high demand can be a significant issue on other exchanges. Kraken Pro has recently overhauled its back-end trading engine and infrastructure to ensure smooth and efficient order execution, regardless of trading speed or intensity.
  4. Centralized Functions: On many exchanges, the functions you use are scattered across different parts of the platform, making it tedious to perform common actions. Kraken Pro was designed as a standalone platform, allowing you to manage your entire portfolio, deposits, withdrawals, and account settings from one place.
  5. High Liquidity: Low liquidity on trading pairs or markets can lead to unfavorable prices for your trades. Kraken Pro boasts best-in-class liquidity for its spot markets, ensuring you get the most favorable prices.
  6. Top-Notch Security: Questionable security practices on some exchanges put your funds at risk. Kraken prioritizes the security of your data and funds, backed by a world-class security team and a stellar 12-year track record.
  7. Exceptional Customer Support: Poor customer support can be frustrating when you encounter issues. Kraken Pro offers round-the-clock global support with an average resolution time of less than five minutes, providing prompt assistance when you need it.
  8. Enhanced Coin Discovery: Many exchanges make it challenging to discover new opportunities due to limited filtering options. Kraken Pro allows you to filter coins by category, top gainers, top losers, and new listings, making it convenient to explore new options.
  9. Powerful Charting and Data Offerings: Insufficient charting and data offerings force traders to rely on third-party platforms. Kraken Pro provides full-featured charting and advanced analytics, offering the necessary tools to perform comprehensive technical analysis.
  10. Advanced Order Types: Most exchanges lack the variety of order types needed for complex trading strategies. Kraken Pro offers a wide range of order types, including stop losses, take profits, reduce-only, and one triggers the other (OTO) orders. It empowers traders to execute their strategies effectively.

Conclusion: With its comprehensive features and solutions to common exchange problems, Kraken Pro emerges as a game-changer in the cryptocurrency trading landscape. Whether it’s the consolidated platform, customizable interface, enhanced liquidity, top-notch security, exceptional customer support, or advanced trading options, Kraken Pro excels in every aspect. If you’re looking to elevate your trading experience and unlock new possibilities, I highly recommend trying out Kraken Pro, especially for perpetual futures and staking.

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