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Top 5 Free Crypto Research Tools to Take Your Investing to the Next Level


In today’s blog, we will explore the top 5 free crypto research tools that can significantly enhance your cryptocurrency investing and trading endeavors. These tools cover a wide range of features and are designed to provide valuable insights into the crypto market. By incorporating them into your routine, you can become a more profitable investor and make informed decisions. Some of these tools have been further boosted with the integration of AI plugins, making them even more powerful. So, without further ado, let’s dive into our list of the best free crypto research tools.

1. Defi Llama: Your Ultimate DeFi Tracking Tool


Defi Llama is an exceptional application that has become the go-to tool for DeFi enthusiasts. Initially designed to track Total Value Locked (TVL) on various chains, Defi Llama has evolved into a comprehensive platform offering a wealth of features. One of the standout additions is the Airdrop section, where you can find upcoming projects launching tokens, providing you with a potential opportunity for free airdrops. Additionally, the Fork section lets you track the major forks of prominent DeFi protocols, which can help identify new projects gaining momentum. The Fee/Revenue section offers insights into the cash flow generated by different chains and protocols, aiding in your analysis. Overall, Defi Llama is a must-have tool for DeFi investors and traders.

2. Dune Analytics: Your Community Hub of Crypto Research

Dune Analytics

Dune Analytics is an underrated gem that every serious crypto researcher should have in their arsenal. The platform allows users to create and publish their data-driven research using custom scripts. You can explore a variety of dashboards on topics like DeFi, blockchain networks, and more. By utilizing the search function, you can find trending data sets that align with current market narratives. This tool provides a wealth of in-depth information, making it a valuable resource to stay ahead of the curve.

3. Kyber AI: Your Momentum Indicator for Trading

Kyber Ai

Kyber AI is a machine learning dashboard that offers real-time insights to assist traders in making informed decisions. The Kyber Score, powered by AI, measures the upcoming trend of a token based on multiple on and off-chain indicators. By analyzing bullish and bearish tokens, you can identify potential trading opportunities. Kyber AI’s technical analysis feature further aids traders by providing key structural levels on charts. This tool is a great momentum gauge for those looking to capitalize on market trends.

4. Debank: Your On-Chain Activity Tracker


Debank is an excellent platform to track on-chain activity in the crypto market. By entering wallet addresses, you can follow top traders, gauge sentiment, and monitor airdrop eligibility. The “Follow” feature allows you to build a list of wallets you’re interested in, providing you with a Twitter-like feed to keep track of their activities. Whether you want to observe whales’ trades, spot early adopters of new tokens, or simply keep an eye on market trends, Debank’s interface is user-friendly and informative.

5. Coin Alyze: Your Open Interest Indicator


Coin Alyze is your ultimate website to monitor changes in open interest across various derivatives markets. By sorting tokens based on open interest changes, you can identify potential altcoins gaining momentum. However, it’s crucial to combine this data with technical analysis and other research to make well-informed trades. Coin Alyze provides valuable insights into how price movements correlate with changes in open interest, empowering you to spot potential trends.


Incorporating these top 5 free crypto research tools into your routine can significantly enhance your crypto investing and trading experience. Defi Llama, June Analytics, Kyber AI, Debank, and Coin Alyze each offer unique features that provide valuable insights into the crypto market. Utilize these tools to stay informed, make more informed decisions, and become a more profitable investor in the world of cryptocurrencies. Remember to leverage these resources consistently to develop a successful research routine.

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